Failure to comply with the rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the severity of the action.

Updated at: 08/16/2022, 10:36 PM

  1. The player is responsible for their account and password.
  2. The responsibility of the password is entirely the player, and in case of account theft, the server is not responsible for any item or zuly removed from the account. Use strong password and login, don't share account, don't use easy passwords, it's your responsibility. ADMs and GMs will never ask for your password.
  3. The fact that the player has donated or bought cash does not exempt him from the rules of the server. All punishments can and will be applied to these players. So if you have a cash item this is another reason to keep your login, password and respect the rules of iRose PvP.
  4. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to re-sell cash (virtual money for purchases of virtual items in the mall on the server) outside the server. The advertisement of sale outside the server, forum or any other medium that does not belong to the server you are at serious risk of being banned. The sale and purchase of cash safely is only possible on the server site or within the game with virtual currencies (zuly).
  5. In the event of a server crash, for whatever reason, causing the character to be rolled back, iRose PvP is under no obligation to replace items, zuly, purchases or any changes to the character due to the problem. iRose PvP is not responsible for any loss caused by the player and in cases of technical problems or player misuse.
  6. You may not post, post, spread, or transmit any real personal information about other users (name, address, phone number, photo, account name, etc.) or any other data that may violate the privacy of other users through the iRose PvP game.
  7. You may not promote any distinction, exclusion, restriction or use of language or terms that are intended to humiliate, insult, harm or spread hatred towards other users or groups of users, including (but not limited to) ) discrimination based on ethnic, political, religious, economic, geographic, social, sexual or cultural orientation, among others.
  8. You may not join, organize or be a member of any kind of group in iRose PvP whose name is based on or based on a sexist, anti-religious, unethical, homophobic, drug-advocating, or any other kind of philosophy. of discrimination.
  9. You may not condone behavior that is considered extreme in real life, including (but not limited to) violent acts, torture, trafficking, sexual violence, crimes, among others.
  10. If you are contacted by one of the Game Masters (GMs) or Staff while in the game environment, you must follow all their instructions.
  11. You may not hinder or impede the work of GMs, ADMs or other iRose PvP staff.
  12. You may not insult, offend, humiliate, harass, use ironic, sarcastic, jocular comments or abusively question a member of the GM team, Staff or other iRose PvP employees while performing their duties. If necessary, the team member may take any temporary measures they deem appropriate with the player to maintain order.
  13. Any and all negative comments or insults to iRose PvP employees will be considered misconduct infractions.
  14. You may not send the same or similar messages repeatedly (flooding/spam) on any in-game communication channel.
  15. You may not use character abilities to harm, disrupt, or hinder the activities of other users, including (but not limited to) the practice of:
    - Mob Train (monster trawler): directly harm other users by attracting many monsters to a certain place in order to level up faster individually or in groups of players, or by throwing monsters into other players.
    - KS (Kill Steal): attacking a monster that another user is killing without their permission or request, in order to steal the experience.
  16. Your Clan may not display a name and/or emblem that uses trademarks, that is related to or that spreads any type of revolting, offensive or hateful behavior or that promotes any type of discrimination, apology for drug use or any other type. obscene behavior, among others. In the opinion of the GM team, other emblems may also be considered part of this rule of conduct.
  17. You cannot create or be leader of a Clan whose name or emblem may be confused with identification created or used by GMs/Staff or their official partners without express authorization; this includes (but is not limited to) tags beginning with GM, ADM, Tester, Coordinator, Support, GCash, etc.
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